People are often told to work in the “fat burning zone” where they “burn” the most fat. Is there any truth to it? I cover the topic below!

  1. makster 14 years ago

    Good info as always. Thanks Will.

  2. Mateusz 13 years ago

    Hey Will !
    I have been thinking recently about the very topic you adressed here. But I have some concerns.
    It is said that when working aout with 80-90% max HR one uses 80 % carbohydrate and 20% fat. But while working out with intensity of 60-70% ones uses 40% carbs and 60%fat.
    So, imagine burning 100kcal while working out with high intensity let’s say 80-90% of your max HR it will take only 10kcal from fat and 90 kcal from carbs. On the other hand while working with 60-70% of max HR one will burn 60kcal from fat and 40 kcal from carbs. Sure it will take longer to burn the same ammount of fat on low intensity but if someone is aimed at burning fat and sustaing muscle wouldn’t be better for him to work on low intensities ?
    What do you think about working out at hight intensity when starting workout (aprox 20-30min) and later on when glycogen source is depleted switch to low intensity to utilize fat. Is there any scientific back up for this ? That’s only my thinking…
    Looking forward to hear from you and sorry for my English, it’s not my mother tongue.
    Cheers !

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