A new vid series I’m starting will cover whey. Obviously, articles here on the BrinkZone, such as The Whey It Is and others  go into far more detail on the topic of whey, but here is part one of the vid series. Enjoy!

  1. makster 14 years ago

    I'm ready to hear more. This is a good subject with all the "whey" questions out there. Hopefully you will shed some lite on it.

  2. Kevin 14 years ago

    As always, Mr. Brink provides a no-nonsense, trustworthy source of information on supplements and exercise nutrition.

  3. Neeraj 14 years ago

    Hi will, thanks for sharing this information. Have you looked into food combining ? The people who recommend to eat fruits alone and keep your proteins and starches separate. The theory being different foods travel at different speeds in the digestive track and proteins and carbs need opposite ph values for digestion. Food combining promises to make digestion a lot more efficient. Given that athletes eat gobs of proteins and carbs I feel this issue needs to be clarified once and for all with scientific studies. I have tried it myself and I think i ended up losing weight, mostly fat. Now did I lose muscles or not is something I am not sure. Maybe a little. But I would love to hear about your thoughts.

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      I have no faith in food combining. It's a fad theory that came and went a while ago, and was at it's peak with the book Fit For Life. The theory holds no real merit and ignores human physiology and digestion which was not well understood when the idea first came out.

  4. Robert Bowmer 13 years ago

    Idiot question, but is whey protein a banned substance at professional levels i.e football?.

    • whey protein 12 years ago

      Yes you can use whey protein legally.

  5. Whey Protein 12 years ago

    Weight-Gainer is a carbohydrate / protein / fat mixture in powder form, which is a great way to replace a meal. For people who have trouble taking with food or build difficult weight (hardgainers) is essential in a simple manner calories.

  6. Rachel 12 years ago

    Heating whey or any protein for that matter……does it change it or ruin it?

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