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A few years ago, I read a Will Brink article on ‘Bomb Proof Coffee’ and was intrigued. I am a devout coffee drinker and its been said I drink two things, coffee and red wine. This is somewhat of an exaggeration because I do drink a fine port on occasion and have been known to drink some electrolyte / carbohydrate drink while doing an extended cycling ride or run.

Will has been extolling BPC for years but I only read, and tried it, when I was in need. I was in the mist of being back in school getting my nursing degree while working full time. Between clinical rotations, papers, work and studying for exams I was in rough shape. Will stated BPC may help mental acuity and focus. He had the science so I figured what the hell.

Let’s start with the taste. I like a wide variety of coffee but tend to go for richer, darker coffees. I’ve even been known to like a chicory flavored coffee like found in New Orleans. The changes in taste for BPC from regular dark roast are awesome. The slight hint of nuttiness from the coconut oil are awesome when mixed with the Dutch chocolate. My wife didn’t let me buy the mixer thingy Will uses. She said “Use your fork more, we aren’t buying a stupid whipper for our coffee.” I tried using Will’s Harvard degree to attest to it’s needs, I got an eye roll. She doesn’t impress easily. That being said, I’m now used to bigger instead of smaller oil drops floating atop my coffee. Barely notice. Creatine and tyrosine add no flavors at all. I’ve tried each ingredient separately to assess the changes from each. Great taste from the coconut oil and chocolate even from our drip brewed coffee maker. I too would recommend a French press but as I drink coffee in pots it becomes a drag on intake rates.

Matt DuFresne posing
Matt in his competitive days

I noticed changes immediately where focus and mental acuity were involved. Papers and studying became somewhat easier. Instead of feeling like I was in a sleep-deprived fog I was able to hunker down more easily and organize my school work for the day. Information would stick a little better etc. Training got better too as a side benefit. It doesn’t seem like much, but even adding in a few paltry grams of creatine, ½ the tiny scoop per day, in my X-large mug ended up helping my workouts strength and the feeling of fullness. I hadn’t used creatine since the bodybuilding bulking days and it is a trip down memory lane every time I go to the gym. To learn in the past few years it helps neurocognitive function too is only an added bonus.

Anecdotal I know but I’ll always think BPC helped with a few tenths of my 4.0 BSN degree. I still drink a lot of coffee but that first big mug per day is usually BPC when I have all my ingredients stocked up. It’s been a great addition to my morning routine. Thanks, Will for the BPC recipe!

Matt DuFresne, RN BSN, Psychiatric Nursing

1985 Teenage Mr. America overal

1988 Mr. USA overall

1989 Mr. America and NABBA Mr. Universe overall

  1. Jerry Bruton 4 years ago

    The following study indicates my use of Tricaprylin alone or with other MCT oils used in my bullet Proof coffee increases my level of ketones.

    “Tricaprylin Alone Increases Plasma Ketone Response More Than Coconut Oil or Other Medium-Chain Triglycerides: An Acute Crossover Study in Healthy Adult”

    I am into the nutritional ketosis way of eating. Contrary to common belief, there has been no significant loss of muscle mass.

    • Author
      Will Brink 4 years ago

      I review bullet proof coffee in another post, but if one wants ketones, you can simply take ketone supplements now being produced as purified products. Reasons for the coconut oil in Bomb Proof Coffee are covered here:

      • Jerry Bruton 4 years ago

        Ketone supplements bypass the Ketogenesis process within the liver and they are expensive. May not be ideal in the long run.

        • Author
          Will Brink 4 years ago

          bypassing the ketogenic process may be exactly why they’re superior to trying to get conversion to ketones from pre cursors. Not aware why that would be a negative in any way long term or short. Yes, not cheap, but that will change too. We need more data, but studies with ketone supplements look promising and may be the best of both worlds: benefits of ketones without a need for keto diets, etc. As far as it pertains to my recipe, moot issue regardless. See links supplied.

  2. Jerry Bruton 4 years ago

    Ketone supplements bypass ketogenesis in the liver and Ketone supplements are expensive.

  3. Sandra Whitfield 3 years ago

    Cannot help you. I do not drink coffee or tea.

    • Author
      Will Brink 3 years ago

      Sorry to hear it! Per articles linked, you’re missing out on many potential health benefits and of course my recipe only adds to that effect.

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