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Dr. Udo Erasmus is viewed as a pioneer in the health and wellness industry. Dr. Erasmus and I go way back. In the early 90’s, I realized that while my knowledge and understanding of protein and carbohydrates was solid, my knowledge of fats, beyond the basic chemistry of lipids, was lacking. So, I went in search of a good source of knowledge to update and expand my knowledge of fats, and read the seminal book “Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill” by Dr. Erasmus published in 1993. That excellent book sent me down the rabbit hole of reading up on the studies and becoming known as the person who introduced flax oil to the bodybuilding community, and convincing people all fat was not the same, that some fats were not just essential to health, but would in fact assist with fat loss and so forth in the bodybuilding community. However, Dr. Erasmus was the person who had already done that research and had a growing following with health minded people who wanted to learn about fats that healed and fats that killed. People should remember also, we were just getting passed the miserable and worthless high carb low fat fad of the time, so there was considerable resistance to the idea that not only was fat not the enemy, it was essential to health, well-being, and body composition. But – and research continues to this day – not all fats are created equal, and an understanding of the differences, how they work in the human body, how the other aspects of the diet interact with fat, and other topics beyond the scope of this write up, are essential.

After reading his book, I contacted him, and we published the first in-depth article on the topic in MuscleMag international (MMI) circa mid 90’s, which readers can see above. In fact, I first offered the article to Muscle Media, but it was turned down as Editor-In-Chief at the time, Tc Louma, felt it was not a good fit for that publication, but that’s another story. MMI wanted it, and the rest is history as they say. Dr. Erasmus and I went on to be good pals over the years, and we did other projects together. He also went on to develop his very popular line of products, best known being Udo’s Oil, which I have used to make Alpha Joe with also and posted on Face Book not long ago.

So, when I decided to take my popular coffee boosting formula I and many others had been using for over a decade and offer it as a single product as AlphaJoe, I sent Udo a sample to try. Here’s a short part of a longer discussion we had and his opinion of AlphaJoe:

Learn more about Udo at his web site HERE

Learn more about AlphaJoe HERE

  1. Paul 3 years ago

    Was waiting forever for that alpha joe coffee.. even signed up for first order.
    Then when time came, it only shipped in the US…. jeeze

    • Author
      Will Brink 3 years ago

      Hopefully available outside the US in the near future.

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