Some of you may be aware I also write fiction. I have a thriller series (think Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, or Ludlum) called Vacation Gone South that gets high marks from those who do that for a living, and three science fiction novellas.

My latest one is titled Soul-Mind. If you’re a science fiction geek like me, check out Soul-Mind and let me know what you think!
Here’s the description:

Post World War III, the earth is headed for total eco-system collapse. The end of man as the dominant species on the planet is not due to nuclear holocaust as so many had predicted, but an accumulation of good old traditional bombs of all kinds and sizes, chemical weapons, biologicals, beam weapons, kinetics launched from orbit, rockets, fleets of robotic ground and air weapons platforms, railguns “smart” landmines of various types and sizes, and assorted mixtures of automatic weapons and munitions made a hell of a mess that killed more people than prior world wars combined. It also effectively killed the birthplace of mankind.

When the warring nations realize it’s get off planet Earth or cease to exist as a species, they collaborate to develop a strategy to find habitable planets. Only a mind used to extreme isolation and survival under any circumstances is fit to make the journey in search of habitable planets, and one of the most decorated snipers of WWIII is one of those minds chosen.
A sniper tired of war, done with killing, sitting in jail for murder, hand-picked for a journey for which there is no return trip, a journey with little chance of success, for which all mankind will depend. A journey that will challenge what it means to be human.

Scout Sniper Sergeant Wilkins has been through more than his fair share of missions that were supposed to be one way trips and succeeded where no one else could. This will be his most challenging mission of his life with humanity dependent on his success.

More HERE!


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