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After  an extensive hiatus from doing  1:1 consulting/training work, I’m going to be offering 1:1 Skype -or phone consults – on a limited schedule. I get a lot of requests for it, and do them sporadically  for a few people ‘ (mostly medical professionals and those in the law enforcement and military community), but it’s been limited.

Book online consultsDue  to regular  requests for the service, I’m opening a few days per week to 1:1 consults where topics such as supplements, hormones, nutrition, training, and other topics related to athletes and health conscious people alike, can be covered.

I think those who have read my various articles, watched my vids, and specifically those who have read/followed one of my programs such as BBR would benefit most from some direct 1:1 counseling, but some may have a specific topic to cover not found in those programs/books.

Sessions would be in one hour blocks, and discounts for multi block purchase, LE/mil, etc exist. If interested in 1:1 consulting, inquire by using contact option on the right hand side  of this page or email Will (AT) BrinkZone.com  with subject heading “1:1 consults inquiry” and I’ll send a current costs sheet and then a time for a consult can be set up.

No, I’m not inexpensive (think what you would pay a good doctor or lawyer for his expertise per hour…) but if people want a “cheap” consult with a trainer, etc, they may want to approach one at their gym or ask around for a referral. Also, reading either Body Building Revealed  and or the many articles on this site is a highly cost effective way to get started on those topics and will save you years of wasted time and money!

Not that I want to talk people out of getting a 1:1 consult, I just want it to be worth their money and my effort so they receive the most value for their money. Here’s what IFBB pro Milos Sarcev – nicknamed “The Mind” for his high level of knowledge on all things training & nutrition – was nice enough to write regarding yours truly:

I first met Will many years ago in Niagara Falls. We started talking about exercise physiology and performance nutrition. After about an hour of his monolog I knew that instead of purchasing every bodybuilding piece of research in the world all I needed to remember was his phone number, Will is the most honest and down to earth guru’s in the industry, I trust him implicitly, the changes I was able to make to my physique with his advice are simply amazing.” – Milos Sarcev

To inquire about 1:1 consults; Will AT BrinkZone.com

  1. amit dawar 12 years ago

    Hi Will,
    I am hoping to arrange a 0ne to one with yourself to hopefully get a diet plan.
    Please e-mail me with more details.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Many Thanks

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Specific instructions are above. For good diet plan info, you might want to consider either Body Building Revealed or Fat Loss Revealed, depending your goals.

  2. Shannon 12 years ago

    Great news Wil!
    I also consult online and am pleased you’re going to begin bridging those moderate gaps in people’s nutritional / training information.
    To anyone reading these comments, you should most definately take advantage of this service by Wil. You will speed your personal progress so significantly that the few bucks you spend will seem insignificant in comparison to the results you achieve.

  3. DougM 12 years ago

    Y’know, I see this and immediately think, “Will’s been so cool. He’s my #1 guru. No questions, go for it!”. Then it takes a microsecond to imagine the first interview. WB: “Hey Doug, how’s it goin’. Have enjoyed and appreciated all of your “likes” and posts. If we ever meet up in the same town, it’d be cool to tip back a few empty calories some time! But let’s get to business.” DM: “Hey Will, all the same to you! Let’s get to it! WB: “So, basics first. How’s your diet? Know your BMR? Know your maintenance caloric intake? Always taking in -500 cals if you’re trying to lean up? Keeping it lean & clean? Bein’ moderate with the alcohol (at least ’til we meet up)? Have a handle on how much of your intake is protein, fats, carbs?” DM: “Uhm, er, uh, sorta. Know that stuff, but tough to be consistent, with a life ‘n all. And basically, answers are, yes close, most of the time, ditto, no comment, know it but not getting it quite right. K. Get it already! Much to do already”. WB: “OK, how ’bout the workouts? At least doing the basics of a brutal set of squats once a week? Upper body circuit at least a couple times a week? Following the Pollaquin guides? And to cut to the chase, using all of the resources that can be utilized in BBR and FLR??”. DM: “Will, You the man. And I’m gonna hold back a bit now from wasting your time, asking for a quick fix or whatever, until I master the basics, do all the basics, and then really find some unique limitation requiring the expert’s touch to overcome. But if you’re ever in the Bay area, or South Lake Tahoe, do please, by all means, give me a heads up. You’ve already helped beyond description. Sincerely, D

  4. hero 12 years ago

    Anny suggestions for a skinny fat like me who struggles to put on some lean muscle and show my abs

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Probably Body Building Revealed linked above would be your best choice.

  5. don slater 10 years ago

    Will: You can research this if you want but in my search for a good clean pure creatine I came upon several creatines that stated that they comply with cGMP standards. But as best as I can tell this cGMP means that the manufacturer of the product (not the creatine) complies with FDA standards on there facility in this country(USA). It does not mean that the creatine in there product that they use is clean and free from harmfull chemicals and other stuff. Just wanted to help so that others do not get decieved by this. So Im going to stick with your advice in that if it does not say creapure do not buy it.

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