This vid covers the issue of hormones: if they are not optimized, you are spinning your wheels in the gym, and will not get the results you want, be it gaining muscle, losing fat, or improving your general well-being. For more details, read my article “It’s In Your Blood!” for details on this topic.

  1. makster 13 years ago

    Thanks for the vid Will. I sometimes feel a little frustrated about hormones. I get my blood tested about once a year to year and a half and always get a copy. The frustrating thing is trying to get a good understanding from the Dr. She seems to think if you feel alright and your tests are at or near normal levels, then all is well.
    I guess she is like most other doctors when it comes to that, as you stated. At age 54 I know that most of my hormones would probably not be at optimal levels. It would be nice to have the Dr be a little more helpfull on trying to keep them as best as can be.

  2. JR Smith 13 years ago

    Dude, what are you always drinking in these videos? 😀

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      If I make the vids in the morning, strong ass coffee. If I make one in the afternoon, herbal tea. B)

      • Angel 13 years ago

        Hi Will,
        I know you are very busy but, I really need your help. I have tried BFFM and I gained weight not something I wanted to do. I have bodyfat of 22-24% and great deal of muscle. Not sure what to do to lose the weight I want. I train really hard and cardio 4-6Xa week. Not sure why I am having trouble. I am an endomorph 4’11 143. I don’t want to waste money on another program that I can not benefit from.

        • Author
          willbrink 13 years ago

          If you followed BFFM exactly as written, there's no way one would gain weight, unless perhaps you gained some muscle, which is a good thing. It's also possible one or more of your hormones is out of whack, which is why I made the vid, with article linked to more detailed info. You might want to get your hormones testes as mentioned in vid. 😉

  3. mr. sherill howell 13 years ago

    i got mine checked, it was one of the lowest, he had seen. it was at 84. i could not belive it. my sex drive was fine. but like he told me it affects more than that. belly fat, memory, being tired all the time. he gave me the shots at first but i went with the patches, because it gives a contiues flow for about 12hrs. instead of the shots which spike, and than drop. its at 659 now. i have lost some belly fat and i am not tired all the time now. i work for ems 24hrs. a shift. but the question for you is, if i took a test bosters from a suppment co. to gain more mucle. with the patches, would this be safe. thanks and have a great thanksgiving.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Have you read my article on T boosters? I would waste the $$$. The T patch, if it's bringing your T levels to what's desired, then you should be fine, but men on T should also have other hormones tracked per comments in the vid and articles.;)

  4. Kathleen Engel 13 years ago

    Thanks for this, Will. I just wish more personal trainers were aware of the effects of hormones. I'm going to speculate that MOST of them are unaware of what their older clients are dealing with. It's a shame–because they must conclude that their clients are goofing off.
    Workouts (intensity, recovery days) have to be adjusted in a 50+ client. Super strict diets, too many weight sessions and too much cardio pose negative stress and can tip susceptible individuals into adrenal burnout.
    I've learned firsthand the power of optimal hormone levels. A year and a half ago I was working my butt off and dieting yet couldn't lose a pound; my stomach was soft and my arms were FLABBY. (Although just 5 years ago, I was lean and muscular.) After a year and a half of tweaking the hormones (bioidentical estro, test, progesterone; natural thyroid and cortisol; DHEA, pregnenolone) plus adjusting vit D and adding other supps, I'm starting to put on muscle and lean out a bit. Amazing. And my fatigue is lifting. I no longer conk out after a workout–well, at least not as much.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Glad you have been able to get your hormones squared away Kathleen. If most doctors fail to appreciate and understand the importance of optimizing hormone levels, a trainer with some 4 week cert, is not likely to be any better. :S

  5. Barry Donnachie 13 years ago

    Hi will,Thanks for the video and i totally agree with what you say on hormones,however here in the uk these blood tests are not available on the nhs,if you went to your doctor with symptoms of andropause you would
    be given an anti depressant and or viagra and sent on your way. when what you probably need is your testosterone brought into the normal range doctors here are not trained in hormone replacement therapy
    and the nhs most certainly wouldnt fund it.sad but true.

  6. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    Yup, living with low T is a crappy way to go through life. There's no reason at all men (or women!!!!) should suffer from its effects.

  7. Dave 13 years ago

    I had my T level checked two years ago and I was at 152. Doc put me on AndroGel, after a month I was at 675 WOW. The draw backs; avoid someone(my lady) being exposed to my skin so I have to wash it off and reapply in the AM after my shower, the application of the gel to my shoulders and upper arms also my abdomen is a pain because I am a hairy man and shaving is a bitch. I may check into the patch on my next Dr. visit. I would rather inject but haven't went there because I hear you have T spikes.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Correct dose and injection schedule, will generally avoid large spikes in T. Most docs do a every 2 or 3 week dose schedule, which causes a big spike, vs weekly using a smaller dose.

  8. Irishdeerhunter 13 years ago

    Good video Will! My hormone levels is something that has been playing on my mind for a while now. So, at least I know now what to get done when I go to the doctor for some blood tests. Very helpful.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      As, sooner the better so you have a baseline, but after 40, it should be done yearly.

  9. Christine 13 years ago

    Yes! Check your hormones, people. I had low thyroid for 20 years and didn't know it. Now I take T-4 every day and I have to watch EVERY thing I eat. My levels were so low the doctor tested me twice and said if I didn't start taking medication the next day I would be dead within a year or two. I was so sick I can't even tell you. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I was extremely dizzy, my hair was falling out in huge chunks, a had horrible chills down my back even in the Arizona heat. I had terrible cramps in my leg a night. Etc, etc. Moved to Greece (to be with my husband) and finally went to a doctor. It took me over a year to regulate my body from the T-4. It was a living nightmare. Now I have horrible arthritis "like" symptoms in my knees which limits my movement and exercise. I went to a chiropractor and he worked on my severe tendonitis and gave me great herbs which helped tremendously.
    Taking T-4 changed my entire body. Excellent advice, Will. (my husband was the one who found you). He was a professional athlete here in Greece years ago and gets fantastic information from your site. Keep up the great work.

  10. feminine health 13 years ago

    You’ve got great insights about menstrual cycle, keep up the good work!

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