As with fashion, what gets sold for supplements are often many decades old, and have been re marketed to people as new and “cutting edge.” . Case in point, Deer Antler products. Been around longer than I have yet made a big return to the market recently. It didn’t perform as advertised then, and it doesn’t now.  Yet, millions of bottles sold sadly.

  1. kevin 11 years ago

    Will, you mentioned beta-sitosterol. This is the active ingredient in saw palmetto, an old herb used for prostate problems. But beta-sit is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, same as Proscar. And it can cause all the same bad side effects like gynecomastia or loss of libido. Not all men develop side effects but if they do they can last for years, long after quitting the drug.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      My comments on Beta Sit was when it’s pushed as a muscle builder. There has been some recent studies showing possible benefits on blood lipids and such, but it’s worthless as a muscle builder. On the 5AR inhibition, as far as I know, that’s been shown in vitro. I don’t believe it’s been show in vivo in human beings, and I recall it’s effects on prostate appears by some other mechanism than 5AR inhibition per se, possibly by a reduction in inflammation.

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