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Time flies when you’re having fun. Hard to believe it’s week 11 already. I’m so happy with all the progress I’ve made on Hybrid (weight gain and strength gain!) and can’t stress enough that the variety of routines here is the beauty of the program. Every week  it’s a new chance to get stronger, try out a new twist,  enjoy bodybuilding all around.  If you’re someone who really prefers variety to stay focused and motivated, this is the program for you! After the program is over I want to do a fun little photo shoot- and I can share the before and after pics here.
This week is the 5X5 week.  It starts with a lower body day (I pick my favorites- back barbell squats and deadlifts).  I’m still stuck at 135 lbs for the back barbell squats and I’m down 5 lbs from last time.  It’s disappointing for sure, but the fact that I achieve my own little personal record on deadlifts makes me feel a whole lot happier. I get to 160 lbs, a PR for me for 4 reps. I start to feel my back round out a little on rep 4, so take it back to 155 for the final set.  I’m happily surprised I’ve come this far with this lift!

For my 5X5 upper day, I choose to torture myself with weighted chinups. The dip belt and chain probably weigh at least 1 lb, and I attach an additional 5 lb plate to it.  For all 5 sets of 5, I actually only accomplish 4 on my own, and have to complete the 5th rep by performing the negative only.   Judging from the soreness in my back and forearms all day (2 days!) post workout, I figure I beat myself up pretty good. Yeay! For the second part of the day, I pick the flat  bench press. No improvement here (115 lbs for 5 reps of 5), but it’s possibly because I normally start with chest work, but this time I start with the weighted chins and that in itself took a bit of effort.  Nevertheless, I am essentially benching my body weight (117 now) for reps, so that’s certainly something to be happy about!
I finish the week with a Hybrid HIIT session. After meeting and training with clients, it’s time for me to get my own session in.  I fueled up the night before with my once a week “treat meal” of salmon, plantains, greens, wine, and chocolate so my muscles have got some extra sugar to burn.  Perrrrrfect for an intense day like this. It’s 20 minutes on the elliptical, a circuit of squats, chin ups (for sets 1, 2, and 3 I don’t complete the required 15 reps so finish with lat pulldowns), and bench presses for me.  I finish with 20 minutes on the stair climber. That machine is a killer glute workout…I think I love to hate it!

One more week to go on Hybrid, and can’t wait to see what the final week brings. Ok, time to go eat! Please feel free to leave comments below!

WEEK 12 Hybrid Training HERE!


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  1. makster 14 years ago

    Your doing great!!! Time flies when your having fun. It sure sounds like you are.

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