The questions in the BBR Quiz are directly relevant to your success gaining muscle and or strength, and they come directly from my ebook Bodybuilding Revealed. They are directly relevant to the “real world” knowledge required to obtain your goals along the continuum discussed in the article Knowledge is Power. The quiz is not very long, but gives a solid sample of what people should know if they wish to be informed and educated about nutrition and supplements as it applies to the goals listed in the continuum. Take note, I have put these quizzes on my forums and most members could answer most of them, so they are not designed to simply make people feel ignorant. They are designed to be challenging, and let people test their knowledge of the topic; topics which will ultimately help them obtain their goals. Are you ready? The answer key is at the end after the quiz so you can score yourself!

Question 1:   What are the drawbacks of ion exchange whey vs CFM whey?

A) Ion exchange has too much sodium

B) CFM lacks glyccomacropeptide (GMP)

C) Ion exchange lacks Beta-lactoglobulin

D) Ion exchange is mostly beta-lactoblobulin

Question 2:   From a thermic and horomonal point of view, the least likely macro nutrient to convert to bodyfat is:

A) alcohol

B) protein

C) fats

D) carbohydrates

Question 3:   A high protein diet would be defined as:

A) 1g per pound of bodyweight

B) one gram per lb of lbm

C) any intake about the RDA

D) all of the above

E) none of the above

Question 4:   Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) accounts for what percent of daily calories burned:

A) 30%-40%

B) 44%-50%

C) 70%-75%

D) 20%-39%

Question 5:   Some studies suggest that in sufficient doses Tyrosine can:

A) raise testosterone

B) lower cortisol

C) raise cortisol

D) lower cholesterol

Question 6:   The maximum grams of protein a person can digest at one meal is:

A) 20g

B) 25g

C) 30g

D) 35g

E) 40g

F) none of the above

Question 7:   The majority of supplements sold in the bodybuilding/sports nutrition are:

A) based on studies showing they are effective and taken from journals

B) based on studies paid for by the supplement companies

C) a and b

D) based on voodoo

E) hype and marketing

F) none of the above

G) all of the above

Question 8:   High protein diets in healthy athletes have been shown to show damage:

A) in the liver

B) in the heart

C) in the heart

D) in the brain

E) all of the above

F) none of the above

Question 9:   Studies have found what percent of calories should come from fat for optimal testosterone production:

A) 10%

B) 20%

C) 30%

D) 40%

E) 50%

Question 10:   Studies have found creatine:

A) must have a loading phase to be effective

B) does not need to have a loading phase to be effective

C) is effective depending on your activity or sport

D) is effective depending on your bodyweight

E) is not effective at all

Question 11:   “Andro” supplements are steroids.

A) false

B) true

C) depends on the andro supplement

D) none of the above

E) you only have minutes to live after taking an andro supplement

Question 12:   Having chronically elevated levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) may be associated with:

A) increased levels of peroxynitrate

B) increased oxidative stress

C) Fibromyalgia

D) Chronic Fatigue

E) Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

F) None of the above

G) All of the above

Question 13:   Whey may prevent or delay over training syndrome (OTS) by increasing:

A) Glutamate

B) CD4 cells

C) Muscle mass

D) Glutathione

E) A and D

F) B and C

Question 14:   Studies with CLA have found:

A) it clearly increases muscle mass in humans

B) it clearly does not increase muscle mass in humans

C) only works on women but not men

D) effects of CLA, though still being elucidated, appear to be isomer specific

E) not enough research at this time to be worth spending money on

Question 15:   The only GH supplements on the market that have been shown to increase muscle mass are:

A) homeopathic GH

B) growth hormone promoting nutrients

C) secretagogues

D) a and c

E) all of the above

F) none of the above

Answer Key:
(1)  D, (2)  B, (3) E,  (4) C, (5) B, (6) F, (7) E, (8) F, (9) C, (10) B, (11) B, (12) G, (13) D, (14)  E or D, (15) F,

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    Really great site that you have built good info thanks.

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    In the beginning just remember it was darked and then someone smiled! try this:
    We found Jesus – he was behind the sofa all along. 🙂

  3. free workout log 13 years ago

    Will Brink's Body Building Revealed Program is what got me started with bodybuilding. It really taught me a lot!

  4. renato 13 years ago

    great test, only 1 mistake. now i am going to test my self with fat loss.

  5. Nick 13 years ago

    Was wondering what the heck beta-lacto”b”lobulin was.
    haha, just a tiny spelling mistake threw me off so much.

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