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While this is a controversial topic, I don’t shy away from controversial topics if I feel the science supports it and the topic important enough to warrant it. Here’s a recent article I put on Medium BrinkZone members may enjoy:

Covid-19: Who Is Fact Checking The Fact Checkers?

Facebook, not unlike other social media platforms, has employed an army of “Independent “ fact checkers to counter information being posted that may not be entirely accurate. As there’s a plethora of blatantly false conspiracy theories going around that are highly unproductive to this pandemic, attempting to counter them is laudable, parsing out truth from fiction is not always clear however. All well and good, but who is fact checking the fact checkers and is this not just potentially another form of censorship for unpopular points of view on a highly complex topic where qualified experts in their field have a differing of opinion?

Full article HERE

  1. KPT 3 years ago

    Excellent Will Brink !!

    here are a few questions that aren’t being asked –

    1) as we all know, death certificates are rough guesses , except in obvious cases where a person is decapitated . So, what assurance do we have that people who died with the covid-19 in their system aren’t being count along with people who died off covid-19? I have yet to see the distinction being made between “having covid 19 in the systems” vs dying of covid 19 !

    2) by how much has the annual / monthly average number of total deaths changed after covid 19?

    3) by how much has the average life expentancy changed(decreased otherwise why are locked up?) as a results of all deaths year over year / last year this time vs this year this time?

    I suspect that if honest answers for these questions were provided, we will see more people challenge this medical martial law. However i look forward to being proved wrong.

    great work !!


    • Author
      Will Brink 3 years ago

      Actually, I think many are asking those and similar Qs. Unfortunately they will get answered in retrospect but scientists, med pros, others are starting to ask Qs at this point as to the most effective way to move forward. There will be a lot of finger pointing when this is over, and most of them will be right!

  2. Ken Estes 3 years ago

    Numbers don’t lie! The COVID scare is out of control. Facts show that quarantining healthy people (vs. the sick) does nothing but weaken your immune system. Influenza numbers have been higher !! Let’s get back to work America, and quit acting like sheep!

  3. rodney Burke 3 years ago

    given the penchant for “conventional wisdom” which has proven to be wrong and FB’s hatred for anyone who thinks for themselves, I would say I don’t trust anyone FB advocates. There are too many closed minds on Social media and that is dangerous.who is checking the fact checker? How is that possible when the “fact checker” doesn’t do facts but emotional doom and gloom?

    The one focus I do NOT see ANYWHERE is prevention. if we built UP our immune system with proven means, our resistance to ANY virus would be greatly enhanced..If that was the focus, we’d have wide spread “herd immunity” Now if people like you CLEARLY identify the criteria for those who are at risk, this would go a long ways in cutting down on death and serious illness.

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