Jackson Winning Shows A Fundamental Shift In Judging

As those of you who follow such things probably already know, Dexter Jackson won the Mr. Olympia this past weekend in Vegas. I don’t follow who wins what much these days, but Dexter winning “The O” shows a fundamental shift in the judging criteria, where big blocky physiques – often accompanied by big bloated guts – were put in the top spot.

I have said for years that Dexter was the best pro bbing had to offer in the current crop of pro bbers, and should have won this and other shows in the past. His physique looks like a combination of Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray, with more muscle packed on his frame then either.
I was not in attendance at the O this year, so I can’t say if Dexter brought his A game to this show, but rewarding the amazing shape, balance, symmetry, and conditioning Dexter has always brought to the stage, is a welcome change to the sport in my view
Now I have known Jay Cutler since he was a teenager, and he’s a local guy from MA, but I think he’s sacrificed shape and symmetry for shear mass (which was bing rewarded by the judges BTW) and perhaps this shift in judging may inspire he and others to re think their focus/training and pre-contest prep in favor of overall balance vs. mass.
Hopefully this will be an ongoing trend in the sport of pro bodybuilding…

  1. George B. 16 years ago

    As I posted earlier, the Frank Zane’s and Lee Labrada’s have the physiques that I admire. Jay Cutler scares me! He is my height but outweighs me by something like 100 pounds I’m guessing (I weigh about 170 pounds).
    Will, the top body builders have good genetics, a tremendous work ethic, excellent diet and well thought out training plan. They are certainly to be admired for their dedication and pushing the envelope, as a top marathoner does in their own way. However, the elephant in the room for me is that these guys, on top of the above, have to do steroids, right, or is that no longer the case? That’s what turns me off about professional body building.

  2. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    George, Steroid use, along with a long list of other drugs, is alive and well in pro bbing…

  3. Pete 16 years ago

    Oh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
    Dexter Jackson, Mr “O”
    An excellent outcome for Dex and all those other bb’s out there who have the aesthetic look. Definetely agree with you Will, its just what bbing needed.
    Next years “O” is wide open IMO, Wolf, Martinez, Heath, or Dex could win it.

  4. greg price 16 years ago

    I think dex really deserved the win he looks like mr olympia jay had a good run 2 time mr olympia.but change is needed for the sport to grow instead of just the bodybuilders guts lets face it that looks like crap.lets bring back the small waist sergio,zane,haney and many others thats real bodybuilding not huge waist building!

  5. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Hopefully the pregnant look is out! 🙂

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  7. Rob Bracken 15 years ago

    Congrats Dex, I know you’ve been busting your ass for a long time to get the Olympia Title. Great Job.

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