In this vid, I cover what’s often a major peeve to coaches and trainers world wide, and one reason many often fail to make progress in their goals. Don’t be one of those people! 🙂

  1. Carlos 10 years ago

    Thanks again Will,
    I’ve been a trainer for over 30 years and I can say to all who watch this vid that you are 100% right.
    I will be sending all of my clients to this web address so that they can hear this from you!

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Share ’till it hurts Carlos 🙂

  2. Rich 10 years ago

    So how long is “long enough”?

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      As long as the program calls for by the developer of the program. Depends on the program and what variables the designer of that program alters to get the training response desired. There’s no cookie cutter answers to that Q.

  3. Christian 10 years ago

    There will always be clients that bring you joy and clients that will drive you crazy – regardless of your line of work. I believe the key is documentation and honesty; “ok, let me see your WO sheets” I find the
    omitted exercises may be the ones that are the most needed. Omitted due to lack of strength in that area
    or discomfort from lack of flexibility – CD

  4. Dave 10 years ago

    Spot on!
    As a personal trainer, nothing perturbs me more than the client that only wants to see me once per week and thinks that is sufficient enough to get results.
    As I explain to all my clients. Exercising at the gym is a cost but not always a benefit. It depends on your investment and whether they see it as such.

  5. mark grove 10 years ago

    Hey Will,
    I haven’t commented in a while and thought I’d put in my two cents. Most of us including little old me are guilty of of getting training advice and not using it fully. Not sure what I can say here since you explained it rather well that we have to use a trainer’s advice and do it faithfully for a long time. Not 2 weeks, a month or even 6 months. It’s a lifelong commitment for myself. And one thing i’m finding is my genetics are limited so I train damn hard and eating a healthy diet has kept me a rather lean but muscular 178 pounds at 5″ 7′. I’m not BS–ing you Will. I learned from a well known trainer here in Canada at Good Life Fitness which you may have heard of. He said to train like a dog, and eat nutritiously like your life depends on it and learn all you can from trainers and books. Then use that information in a systematic way. Don’t deviate too much. Yeah, you can make little tweaks here and there. Think about business people like Wendy’s and Mcdonald’s. They have systems and it’s meant to work like a well oiled machine, and if you go too far astray, it won’t work as well or not at all. I’m rambling here Will. Thanks man.

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