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Mentioned in this vid and highly recommended viewing: Dr Brewer’s vid “How I Reversed 20 years of Arterial Plaque” Dr Stanfield “Two Drugs I Take To Further Improve My Health” Dr Carvalho “Do Statins even work?! | Relative vs Absolute risk”  and my recent people what you need to know about inflammation and disease is HERE.

Review paper of interest “Eliminating atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease residual risk” is a must read.

  1. Carleton 2 months ago

    Dear Bill,

    My PCP recently informed me that a comprehensive CT scan she ordered has shown calcification in both carotid arteries In your video, you made mention of a non-invasive test for carotid arteries. Do you know if that test is the most used, thorough and effective test to measure the level of calcification in these arteries?

    I am 76 so it does not surprise me that there would be some calcification/plaque buildup in these vital arteries. The question, according to research I have read is “how much.”
    I appreciate your vetting the physicians’ three videos you recommended and I will view them now.
    Carleton Kendrick
    Taunton, MA

    • Author
      Will Brink 2 months ago

      The test mentioned in the vid is discussed also in the first linked vid, Carotid intima-media thickness (cIMT) test. I’m surprised a CT scan was done vs cIMT. You might ask why that was chosen over cIMT.

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