photo of NAC powder

I discuss a new paper that has many concerned about N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and its association to cancer. Get the facts in this vid!

Paper discussed: file:///Users/williambrink/Downloads/cancers-14-03614.pdf

Additional vids and articles mentioned linked below vid on my YT page.

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  1. Gretchen Saaduddin 11 months ago

    It is the cell senescence issue….the prevention of apoptosis by not just NAC, but other antioxidants as well. I would take the NAC in cycles and do a cell cleansing bout of intermittent fasting to get rid of errant senescent cells. Big Pharma is hot to get rid of NAC due to the drain on their profit margin. UC has been bought off, and I can attest to the utter corruption of Fauci when he was on campus pimping for our patients to be enrolled in his AZT trials fiasco. In 34 years in academic medicine, I witnessed too much.

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