Can you trust it?

Do supplement companies fund research? Some do, some don’t, but what’s the important facts you need to know about supplement company funded research?

I cover that topic in this vid!

  1. Carlos 11 years ago

    Thank you Bill. This is a very balanced way of looking at the topic and question of supplement research.
    As always you offer an intelligent and experienced perspective.

  2. Dr. Jmmy Gutman 11 years ago

    As usual, Will Brink gives an unbiased, well-thought-out evaluation on a controversial topic. I am a doctor and researcher myself, and I find Will’s perspectives among the cleanest and trustworthy out there.

  3. Jim 11 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your insights on “internal,” company-sponsored studies.
    What about “external” evaluation or designations?
    Specifically, are supplements with the USP (pharmocopia) and GMP (good manufacturing practices) designations worth paying extra for? Are others without these designations to be avoided?
    Thanks again for a great site

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Jim, my comments in the vid covers studies funded by supplement companies and discusses specifically the question of who does it (the most important issue) so you may want to give another listen there. USP and GMP have no bearing on whether the supplement in question has any research behind it, only that it’s manufactured at a GMP certified location. That’s a good thing, but a different issue from whether the supplement/compound in question has and legit data to support its use for claims made.
      Hope that helps.

  4. Kent Ingram 11 years ago

    Hi, again, Will: I think a lot of our suspicions come from the bogus studies done by the tobacco companies, over 40 years ago. The whistle-blower inside the industry, along with “60 Minutes”, exposed their fraud and I believe that fostered a lot of cynicism in the public’s eyes over any research studies done by the same industry, since then.

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