My own TV show on The Science Channel? Nope, but I just about spit my protein drink out my nose when I saw the new show on The Science Channel called Brink. It’s a science based show -which is fitting to the name at least- with topics like: Be on the Brink, To Brink or not to Brink, This week on Brink, and all manner of Brink/science related stuff. If they start a section called Brink Zone, I may need to speak with my lawyer! Funny stuff, and actually a good show, though I may be biased…check it out:
It could be worse I suppose, could be some horrible gossip show or a fan show dedicated to Celine Dion fans or something…

  1. Abeklybroob 15 years ago

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  2. Jon Nichols 15 years ago

    Kip Kays range extension for a car remote is lame. All you really need to do is touch your remote to your chin and use the bone structure of your head as the antenna. it works a lot further than just 50 feet.

  3. Author
    Will Brink 15 years ago

    Funny you should mention that. I saw that tip also on Brink. Have never tried the chin trick, but will now! You do of course realize I have nothing to do with the Brink Science program yes? Just checkin’..

  4. Jim Robbins 15 years ago

    Brink is an interesting show with probably the most irritating bastard on tv as the emcee. Josh Zepps looks like a moron, acts like a moron (especially when he’s trying to be funny, which he isn’t), and that grating Austrailain accent is enough to drive me up a wall.
    What an asshole!
    If they canned mighty mouth they would have a good show.

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