In this vid, I address the issue of dose, quality, and other essential issues regarding fish oils. For those who want to see additional info, recommended brands, etc, read: Getting The Most From Supplements: Fish Oil Example!

  1. Dustin Mattison 14 years ago

    Prof Michael Crawfod (father of the DHA theory and director of the London Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition) claims that EPA in large quantities is toxic. The consumption of the recommended dosages of fish provides the body with much, perhaps even too much EPA. The consumption of vegetarian Omega-3 guarantees that only the quantities that the body needs are converted from ALA to EPA and DHA. Crawford recommended using the Omega-3 from the new Israel source: clary sage seed oil cold press.

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      I removed your other responses as they are SPAM and cut and pasted from a sales site, but for the sh*^s and giggles, I will respond to this one. You said:
      "Prof Michael Crawfod (father of the DHA theory and director of the London Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition) claims that EPA in large quantities is toxic."
      (1) his name is spelled Crawford and (2) here he is telling us the many benefits of marine based EPA/DHA:
      Anything in large enough quantities can be toxic, but he points out just as I did, the studies showing benefits of fish oils is extensive, and no sage bush will change that fact. o.0

      • Michael Vojtas 14 years ago

        Thanks for clarifying on this. I consider myself a fairly intelligent individual, somewhat even educated. I know the spam-games played by internet marketing trolls. Though even when it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, I find myself wasting way too much time sniffing for duck-farts before I label it a duck (troll). So thank you for plucking the feathers and cooking this one up as an example of the antics played in this age of marketing. I can't stand the doubt and bad taste this kind of B.S. leaves in my mouth.
        Mike V.

        • Author
          willbrink 14 years ago

          I hope all doubt has been removed Mike!

  2. Fred Cabell 14 years ago

    I use Carlson's Fish Oil liquid (lemon flavored – I swear you can't taste the fish and never a seal burp!). The bottle says a teaspoon contains 1600 mg. of Omega 3. I take a tablespoon. Is that too much. Also, is there a better or worse time to take it during the day.
    Thanks for the great info. I really enjoy BBR and the member website.
    Fred Cabell

  3. healthandmuscle 14 years ago

    Fred, I use Carlsons as well, I drink it straight from the bottle, zero issues, tastes fine.
    I can't be bothered taking a gazillion caps.

  4. alfredoe 14 years ago

    If you want to lower the risks of getting many degenerative dieases, it may be important you take in consideration the following.
    Eating fatty fish has no problems, if you don’t do it too often. But if you want to supplement your diet with the proper amounts of omega 3 by just eating fish, it could be a health risk. You would have to eat fish almost every day and that could mean dangerous amounts of mercury in your nervous system.
    It is important to have in mind that there are certain conditions to get the benefits fish oil can bring.
    You need to take a good quality fish oil, free from mercury and other contaminants. That is a molecularly distilled fish oil.
    Then, you need to take a minimum amount of fish oil, krill oil or cod liver oil at a certain frequency.
    There is not an establish amount of omega 3 for any health benefit but I recommend to take at least 900 mg per day of omega 3 fats (close to 3.000 mg of fish oil), EPA plus DHA, per day. You should increase these amounts if you are overweight or you have degenerative disorders, like hypertension or high triglycerides.
    Also, you should lower your intake of omega 6 fats (mostly grains and grain oils) since omega 3 and omega 6 counteract each other in the body. The best way to reduce omega 6 fats is to eliminate all starches from your diet, that is all grains and grain oils.
    Best wishes,

  5. phil 14 years ago

    Enjoyed your fish oil. Some time Poliquin on Dr Pasquale's direction went to webmd and searched 84 illnesses + fish oil and found that fish oil helped every one of them.
    I am sold.

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      It's one of the few supplements that are always on the "must use" list I will recommend. In the BBR and FLR programs, I list supps by recommended, "might be worth a try" and of course a long list of supps not worth using….

      • Steve 14 years ago

        I am still a bit confused. I am taking a combination product that has fish oil(800mg), borage seed oil (8–mg)and flaxseed oil(800 mg). The label lists: under the fish oil, 30-33% Omega 3(EPA) and 20-22% for Omega 3 (DHA). The borage lists: Omega 6 Linoleic acid 33-45%, gamma linoleic 22% and oleic 10-24%. The flaxseed listsalpha linoleic (ALA) 45-65%, linoleic 11-24% and oleic 11-24% . The label recommends 2-4 capsules a day. What is your opinion? Thanks but still confused.

  6. Alex 13 years ago

    Nice video as usual Will !!
    I would be interested to know your oppinion on what is the best time of the day to take it.. some say with meals, some say before bedtime, so it doesnt just get burned as fuel..

  7. omega-3-kapslar,bästa omega-3,omega-3 13 years ago

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  8. Dan Matris 11 years ago

    I was reading some studies and an alarming amount of fish oil was reported rancid, do you have any idea about which brands are reliable?
    Also krill oil is supposedly much more potent in beneficial lipids due to phospholipids which aid in the absorption of the fish oil. The problem is a lot of brands are simply lying about krill oil content. I was wondering what your opinion on this was? I can’t seem to find significant information on the internet.

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