Does creatine monohydrate cause “bloating” as is claimed by sellers of alternative forms and some users? In this vid, I address that issue:

  1. Aleshia Koshy 14 years ago

    I was thinking if I could copy this information in my homepage. I will give a link to your Blog, can I?

  2. Chris 13 years ago

    First, thank you for the video, Will. I appreciate you debunking the various creatine myths. I used CEE for quite some time, because I was “convinced” it was better (marketing). I was intrigued upon your presentation regarding CEE being a pro-nutrient for CREATININE and not creatine.
    To answer your question, despite the fact that the weight gain experienced with creatine monohydrate is intracellular, I suspect that nevertheless the sheer gain of several pounds of water anywhere in the body in that short of a period is maybe an unfamiliar feeling to some. Combine that with the possibility of stomach bloat during the loading phase and there you have it.

  3. Ken Wilson 13 years ago

    Been scrolling through the sections as well as watching the videos and am very pleased with all the information as well as having someone finally exposing the truth. Keep up the great work

  4. Daniel 13 years ago

    im pretty cut already, but im worried if i start using and eventually stop will i revert back to being cut or will something like water retention take away my cuts forever. Also would i as a tennis player(Pro) who plays 3 hours a day and does more sprinting workout then anything get benefits from using this product?

  5. chad 13 years ago

    thanks for clearing this misconception up for me.

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