Short post here. This is just my philosophy on the use of kettlebells as a tool in a broad spectrum training program.

  • Work capacity
  • Portability for travel or deployments
  • ‘Feeder’ Exercises

Work capacity is pretty self explanitory.

The small size makes it easy to take just about anywhere for a total body gym. Going on deployment? Shove a couple in a conex and take an adjustable one on the plane. At work all day and don’t have much time or space to get a workout in? Tote it along and knock out some short work throughout the day. Your co-workers may think you’re a little nutty, but that’s ok you’ve got the six-pack and he that sports the six-pack makes the rules.

Jumping straight into olympic lifts is a very techinical sport and takes years of training. Kettlebells allow you to start training the gross motor movements(hip extension, coordination) with more room for not quite perfect form. And just as the kettlebell clean and snatch are slightly more complex, you can start just about anybody on swings and have them slowly progress to those exercises and if they so choose to trasition to the bar versions, they will have many of the mechanics already set.

So those are my top 3 uses of the kettlebell. The reason I break it down to these three is for whatever reason I see people trying to make the kettlebell things it’s not. I’m not talking about the guys that actually use kettlebells only, that’s their thing cool. I’m talking about the gym idiots that are doing curls with them, when there are freaking dumbbells right next to them. If you’re trying to bodybuild with kettlebell front raises…’re probably not a very successful bodybuilder, might want to find a new hobby.

Use them to become a workhorse while on the road because when you get back you want to get into olympic lifts. Don’t use them in front of a mirror or you will have your man card revoked….for life.

  1. Will Brink 14 years ago

    In terms of bang for the buck for how little space it takes up, what about throwing a TRX Suspension in there? Would seem the combo would allow for some productive PT sessions with very little space/extra weight taken up.

  2. Author
    Nathan Cragg 14 years ago

    Sure why not 😉

  3. Tiesha Thress 14 years ago

    I do not know what I was performing prior to kettlebells, possibly wasting lots of time and not acquiring as in shape as I could possibly have been.

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