Just did this workout With Kelly Anne DeCollibus. It was a fun workout (not for her!) and she looks great doing it.  She’s a real trooper in the gym and has the ‘never say die’ attitude, and I know some guys who would not survive this workout at the pace and loads used. This workout was clearly in the “no pink dumbbells zone” and women should pay close attention there. Put down the tiny dumbells, get away from the endless low intensity aerobics, and you’ll see big improvements in your body and spend less time in the gym.

I do this exact program when the mood hits, and yes, use higher loads, but it floors me every time. This gal never fails to impress me with her strength and willingness to give it her all what ever gets thrown at her, which is a quality I demand of people when I work with them.

  1. Hyo 13 years ago

    Kelly is one strong individual. Pressing that 135lb barbell as she does probably makes her stronger than 99% of the general population. What does doing pushups with one hand on a small ball do? The need for balancing probably makes it harder but is it all that worthwhile?

    • Mark 13 years ago

      Pretty sure that was more like 65 lbs. those are 10 lb technique plates, I believe.
      The need for balancing when doing pushups does quite a bit, as well as elevating one side of your body to get a deeper range of motion. Definitely worth trying in your routine, especially to max out a burn.

  2. Sumi 13 years ago

    Great job Kelly! Did you ever find that spork?

  3. Cory 13 years ago

    She’s hot and whoever is operating the camera is a perv. Thank you to them!!

  4. KELLY DECOLLIBUS 13 years ago

    Will, thanks for the kind words! It was a great workout!

  5. aniruddha 13 years ago

    hey thanks i like ur workout u r so strong.

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