First Ever winner of BrinkZone T Shirt Contest!

I put up the BrinkZone T Shirt contest a few months ago as a great way to help others get attention (e.g., drive traffic to a site, get seen etc) and help get the BrinkZone brand out. A “win win” in my view…

First winner is the beautiful, smart (she has an Bachelor’s in biology from Tufts and a Masters Degree from Duke BTW…), and very fit Sumi Singh with her submission of this great pic of her killer abs and BrinkZone “Will Pill” logo. Cool pic no? Additional pic and Q&A with Sumi below

Sumi in BZ T and killer abs

Sumi is a trainer, fitness model, mom, and overall super fitness/health enthusiast  in the Austin TX area. Her many articles can be read here on the BrinkZone, as well as her own site:  Shaila Fitness which has lots of info from her, pictures, etc. you may want to check out.

Q: What got you into fitness?

“I wanted to be strong enough to beat up my brother.  I’ve always loved it. I think I walked out of the womb wondering where mom hid all the heavy stuff.”

Q: How did you start training people?

“I first started training my friends back in high school. When I realized I loved coaching and motivating, and that people responded with effort and intensity, I knew I had a gift.”

Q: What do you do for those great abs?

“Diet, squat, diet, deadlift, diet, bench press, and diet. Oh, and diet.”

Q: What’s your personal approach to fitness?

“Make it part of your lifestyle, lead by example, practice what you preach. Live it, love it, breath it. And deadlift.”

Q: What’s your general approach with clients?

“Listen. What drives them, what’s the “why” behind their goals. I like to make sure their goals are realistic, so I can coach them successfully. Figure out what their challenges are, and find ways to overcome them. Be their accountability coach, and be fair and objective.”

Q: Any additional advice, words of wisdom, or thoughts you’d like to leave with BrinkZone readers?

“It’s a lifestyle, and there’s no quick fix. Everyone who loves this put their heart, minds, and bodies into it.  And thanks Will!”

For more information on Sumi, check out her site: Shaila Fitness

Do YOU want to be the next winner of the BrinkZone T Shirt contest? Hit HERE for info

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  1. Andy 11 years ago

    great stuff way to go, well if I work on my bell I might get one ‘ well I do

  2. Annette 11 years ago

    Woohoo Sumi….beautiful mama 🙂

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