I love the “Hitler responds” videos and decided it was time to do one myself on a topic that causes never ending debate and questions. For those who want more details – and my thoughts – on “testosterone boosters” as a category, my full write up can be found HERE. Enjoy! 🙂
Warning: This vid may be NSFW for some and contains some strong language

  1. Kevin 4 years ago

    I spoke german as a kid but I’ve forgotten most of it over the past 40 years. But I don’t think they were talking about his ‘schwanze’. 🙂

    • Author
      Will Brink 4 years ago

      I thought schwanz was Yiddish? I know Yiddish has German roots though.

    • Kevin 4 years ago

      Yes when I was young I lived in a boarding house and the landlord was Jewish. Back then I spoke German fairly well and we could communicate with me speaking german and her speaking Yiddish.

  2. Scott I 4 years ago

    I love these Hitler sub-titles. Seen so many of them on every topic imaginable. Yes, how frustrating nutrition lies and myths are. But I try to stick to good sources of info, like here and at Life Extension Foundation, and a couple others. I wish there were other good videos to cop as well. Have never seen a bad one. I do recommend “Full Metal Star Wars” where they used R. Lee Ermy’s lines from Full Metal Jacket in Star Wars scenes. An absolute riot.

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