In this vid, I discuss the importance of grip strength in various sports, such as MMA, Power lifting, Strong Man, etc, and cover T Grips & FatGripz as tools for increasing grip and arm strength and other benefits, as well as mention a grip I find particularly effective for reducing tendonitis (Globe Gripz) which I did a vid on HERE. For training vids, more info on the benefits of thick bar training, click HERE

Check out this fun grip challenge I put together I call The Grip Gauntlet using Globe Grips, T Grips, and Fat Gripz Extreme HERE

  1. Charlie Van Riper 10 years ago

    T-Grips are definitely my Preference, thx for the review Will Brink. Ben using the T grip for over a yr now excellent Product Kuddos to Iron Bull Gripl Strength

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      What size T Grips do you use? I have the 2.5 in the vid.

      • Charlie Van Riper 10 years ago

        started with the smalls now have the 2.5 but I want to get the new 3.0 ‘s Will they look :Fun”

        • Charlie Van Riper 10 years ago

          Been Real happy with them, them but the effects are Fantastic.

          • Author
            Will Brink 10 years ago

            I have the FatGrip Extremes, so doubt I’ll get a pair of 3.0s myself.

  2. Daddy Iron 10 years ago

    Grip4orce best choice. The reason for shoulder and elbow issues is due to not engaging the hands tight.
    Tension is the key. Strong crushing grip and strong abs and you’ll go far. The fgz and t-grips are no different than a towel or thicker bar. 32+ years in the grip game and strength

    • Charlie Van Riper 10 years ago

      Thats fine but I respectfully disagree. I like the T gripz myself, I use them and Recommend them to all my clients and Associates
      I am sure Will soon will do a Comparison and I happily await his review and decision.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      They are indeed intended to create the effects of training on a thick bar, so true enough. Dave Tate, Joe DeFranco, Charles Poliquin, Jim Wendler to name a few, focus on functional grip strength, often using fat grip/thick handled barbells and dumbbells and or recommend FatGripz, and other grip assist tools.
      Most people do not have access to thick bars nor need to spend the $$$ on them. Calling them the same as towel makes no sense as they don’t compress and retain their shape, etc unlike any towels, foam, etc, but what ever grip you find works best, use it. Maybe I’ll add some Grip4orce into the mix some time.

  3. Chuck S 9 years ago

    I made a chin-up bar and handles out of PVC pipe (and ropes and chains). I used large diameter PVC to help grip. However, I’m not real strong yet, so I made some with smaller PVC to use until I get stronger. My grip is now strong enough for the dumbbells I have, so I don’t need any grip fattener now.

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